KIPP: Durham College Prep School

"The strength of the Pride is the lion. The strength of the lion is the Pride."
—African Proverb

KIPP Durham college Prep is a unique charter school that opened its doors in Durham in the fall of 2015. They believe that education is the most powerful tool to effect social change and that all students deserve the opportunity to an education that will take them to and through graduation. They knock on doors to recruit students in East Durham who want this opportunity. With its unique curriculum, KIPP inspires its students to become passionate about both education and social change. We witnessed this passion and commitment among students and teachers alike this fall at KIPP.

The Duke class is called Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood and Growth. Childhood is one of the most transient times in our lives, and each Duke student spent the full semester photographing one story. Zachary Marion helped us produce this website. Duke students provided final prints for a public exhibit for the families and staff. The website and all prints were all donated to the school as a gift with the hope to support the hard work teachers and staff put in every day to educate the children of Durham.

We are grateful to everyone at KIPP: teachers, staff, children and parents of KIPP Durham! Thank you for letting us Picture the Pride!