About Ashley

By Allie Kenny

The first day I visited Kipp to photograph, I asked for Ashley and the reply was "Oh, Ashley is just the best." It took some time to get to know her since she is so focused, well behaved, and normally travelling at zero. But fortunately with some lunchtime visits, a trip to the zoo, a brief stop at home, and some texting later, I can fully understand why Ashley is the best. As I became familiar with her unrivaled work ethic and positive spirit, I also fully comprehend why Ashley is the best choice to be a Kipp Ambassador, a representative of the school.

Her energy is infectious, whether discussing her favorite book or her favorite singers. She is a leader in every class and group discussion, vowing to me that she will never be put on bench. Kipp's academic rigor and supportive teachers prepare Ashley every day to grow into a world leader. And her amazing family members who believe in her, further equip Ashley with a boundless future. I have no doubt that she will fulfill her dream to be a Harvard grad and continue with a dedication to social justice as Kipp has instilled in her.

So meet Ashley Flores-Gonzalez, and you too can see why she is the best!