According to Ashly

By Emma Rose

Meet Ashly Alvarado Zavala: a proud member of KIPP Durham's founding Pride of 2023, and an all-around superstar 6th grader. As the daughter of two Honduran immigrants, Ashly is a model KIPP student. She shows up to class every day ready to learn, and her incredible work ethic is just as evident as the light and laughter she brings to her school.

Photographing at KIPP has been a truly enlightening experience. If you want to understand just what an impact this school and its teachers have on these kids, look no further than Ashly. Under their guidance and support, she's become a top student, a leader of her Pride, and she's still shooting for the stars. A big thank you to Ashly for being such a wonderful subject this fall and for showing me around her world, both at home and at school!