Anders Campbell

By Keyin Lu

This semester, I got to photograph KIPP's principal Anders Campbell. When I first heard that his day starts around five or six in the morning and doesn't end until eight, I was in awe of his dedication. It turns out he spends his days observing in classrooms, teaching, connecting with students, and just managing the day to day tasks of running a school. But Anders is much more than a principal. He is a friend to the students and a leader for the teachers. He is the heart and brain of KIPP. His warm and down-to-earth personality make KIPP a truly special place to be.

Running a school like KIPP is no easy task. And to run it well is even harder. But Anders Campbell has managed to do both. With incredible dedication and hard work, he has made KIPP Durham an amazing place to learn. Even as busy as he is, he makes time to connect with students on a personal level. Anders loves being with the kids at KIPP just as they love talking to him. In my time spent at the school, I realized that these students are lucky to have a principal as passionate and committed as Anders Campbell.