"I Am More Than My Name"

By Quay Ferguson

My project was to show you who Ty'Andre Morgan is through pictures. My goal was to tell a story about the type of person Ty'Andre . My pictures are meant to show you his unique abilities and a great personality. My project is meant to make you want to know him in your own way. Participating in this project and working in KIPP with Ty'Andre and all of the other students gives this slide show much more meaning. These kids get so much attention from their teachers that they want to succeed for the people who care.

All of these children have their own story. But the story I chose to tell was Ty'Andre's. People can't group someone into a category because of their name and what they think they are. Knowing people before judging them is always the best way to gain a persons respect. That what "I Am More Than My Name" is really trying to say;