KIPP P.E. Program

By Travis Buck

Making the best of limited resources with the gym under construction, P.E. class is the one opportunity each day that the energetic students are free to run around. Taught by Mr. Ruiz, P.E. class is filled with infectious enthusiasm and teamwork. Most days, the cafeteria floor is cleared out of all the tables and chairs to make space for the games and activities. When the weather permits, class is held outside in the bus loop. While the absence of a true gymnasium space poses limitations on possible activities, Mr. Ruiz passionately spends time each day to invent games for all of the students to enjoy. It is remarkable to see the variety of different activities that he comes up with using the same set of hula hoops, bean bags, Frisbees, and foam balls. Even more amazing is the fact that they all manage to keep the kids happily engaged on daily basis. Additionally, on a few occasions throughout the fall, P.E. time was used to teach health class, where Mr. Ruiz led discussions on healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

The most striking impression that I gained from my time spent at KIPP this fall was the extent to which the faculty is devoted to the students. Mr. Ruiz is no exception to this principle, and it is evident in his interactions and relationships with each student and his commitment to creating the best P.E. class possible. Once the gym finally opens in January, it will only continue to improve!