Nutritionist, Mentor, Role Model

By Ben Humphreys

Keon Baker is the man who makes KIPP Durham run so smoothly, and he does it through building relationships with each and every KIPP student. These students trust Mr. Baker with private information that some of them would not tell a best friend. Mr. Baker is a jack of all trades for this highly touted middle school, and although his job title may say that he is the school nutritionist, and he may not admit it himself, but he does so much more. He is the brightest spot in students' days and kids will risk getting in trouble just to talk to him. To some he is just a nutritionist, but to most he is a mentor, and a big brother. This is the story of man who means more to a school and some middle schooler's than he could ever imagine, and he embraces this life on a daily basis.

This is a man who I realized right away; right when I met him, how special he was and how much he meant to these kids. It was hard at first to capture what I wanted and how I wanted to perceive Keon, but as I began to capture more and more moments, a story began to unfold. There were some rough patches because of how broad his job title is, but at the end of the day, his life was a story in itself. The relationships that he has built will continue to grow stronger, which in the end will make KIPP Durham an extremely special place.