Somer Harris

By Danielle Kwon

When I first met Somer, I knew she was a star student used to working hard and achieving high. She was soft-spoken and studious, but it was apparent that there was more to Somer's story than what met the eye. After visiting Somer's church and home and spending the last few months getting to know her, I have learned that Somer is also quick to serve, loves to dance, and above all grounded in her church community. While her faith is what grounds her, she is motivated at school to pursue social justice and become a strong leader capable of speaking up in her own voice.

My time at KIPP has shown me the power and necessity of education for growing all students to their fullest potential. I know that this experience will go with me for a long time as I teach first grade at Quest Academy, a KIPP elementary school in Washington, D.C. for the next three years!