The KIPP Difference

By Seun Okimi

Nahjay is one the many children whose lives are being changed by KIPP. KIPP schools are dramatically different from traditional ones. It was fate that gave Nahjay the opportunity to come to KIPP. His mom applied to the school after the principal came knocking on her door. She loves what the school has done for her child and speaks about the goodness of KIPP.

I have had a joy working with Nahjay. When I first met him, I thought he was just a simple, quiet boy, but after spending an entire semester with him, I have learned that there is a lot more to him. He is a fun character to watch and interact with. I have had many great times sitting with him and his lunch table and chatting about the random things on their minds. It was also great to meet his mother and to learn more about the story behind him and where it all started. His story is an amazing one that deserves to be told. It is amazing how much a school can impact a person's life as much as it continues to impact his.