Wake Forest 6th Grade

By Susan Lang

As part of its emphasis on getting kids thinking about college early, KIPP divides its students not into classes but "colleges" named after actual universities. I got to spend the past semester hanging out with one college within the Pride of 2023: Wake Forest.

In many ways, the kids of Wake Forest are average sixth graders. They take selfies and gossip and drop pop culture references left and right. But it was immediately apparent that there's something special about these kids. They are incredibly smart and driven, not to mention absolutely hilarious. They take their status as role models in the founding pride of KIPP Durham very seriously. What stands out most of all, though, is the way they support each other. They are constantly lifting each other up, and it's honestly an amazing thing to witness.

It has been an absolute joy to spend time with this really special group of kids and teachers over the past semester, to just be a fly on the wall and watch them grow. I know each and every one of them has big things ahead.