About Ashley

Allie Kenny

Meet Ashley Flores-Gonzalez, a deeply motivated sixth grader at Kipp Durham. Her enthusiastic dedication to school life is her first step towards accomplishing her big dreams.

Nutritionist, Mentor, Role Model

Ben Humphreys

Although his job title calls him the school nutritionist, Keon Baker is a mentor who prides himself on building personal relationships with every student at KIPP Durham.

Somer Harris

Danielle Kwon

Though some might say she is shy and studious, there's more to Somer than meets the eye. Her passion for social justice, commitment to faith, and love for her family are at the heart of Somer's story.

Vignettes of Tennessee State College

Donovan Loh

Tennessee State College represents a vibrant group of individuals in the Pride of 2023 at KIPP Durham. In this project, we explore interactions between the teachers and students of TSU to understand what it truly means to be part of a pride.

According to Ashly

Emma Rose

Meet Ashly: rock star sixth grader, daughter of Honduran immigrants, and proud member of Kipp Durham's very first Pride. She's the perfect example of Kipp's spirit.


Jessica Wang

Welcome to the world of D'Antee Harris, an ambitious, kind, and hardworking student who wants to be a surgeon one day. A member of the founding Pride of 2023, she is a phenomenal role model who exemplifies the values of the KIPP community.


Joseph Kim

Hannah Akpaete is the enthusiastic, engaged math teacher at the KIPP school in North Carolina who makes school easy for her students, with the multiple aspects of her multi-faceted personality.

Success Starting From the Top

Kyle Maximilian Wellner

Professional development of the KIPP staff is the start to success for its students, and I've gone deeper into how this happens and why it happens.


Matthew Kaplan

Born and raised in Honduras, Javier's world changed when he and his family packed up their lives and moved to Durham. But with a positive attitude, infectious smile, and strong work-ethic, Javier is taking KIPP by storm!

Melodic Memories

Nicole Wong

In Ms. Farrier's music room, the 6th graders of KIPP are learning to read music, playing new instruments and taking on leadership roles as they work together to form one band.

6th Grade in America

Priyanka Venkannagari

6th grade is a time of great change and growth. Follow Aniya Hawkins as she experiences the treasures and challenges of sixth grade with her peers at KIPP Durham.

"I Am More Than My Name"

Quay Ferguson

Ty'Andre is a bright kid with goals for a better future. My project will say "When you hear my name, you can't write me off!"

Kayla at KIPP

Sarah Salvest

History-loving and Hip Hop-dancing Kayla Mejia is a hardworking student and best friend to many in KIPP's Howard College 6th Grade class.

Wake Forest 6th Grade

Susan Lang

Part of KIPP Durham's founding class, the Wake Forest 6th graders are driven, focused, and always supportive of each other. Take a look at a day in the life of the coolest college at KIPP.

KIPP P.E. Program

Travis Buck

Making the best of limited resources while the gym is under construction, P.E. class is the one time each day when students can physically release their energy. Led by Mr. Ruiz, P.E. is filled with infectious enthusiasm and teamwork.

Steven Lara

Amy Fan

Steven is a 5th grader in the UNC class at KIPP Durham who embraces the idea that hard work and respect will get you far in life.

Working Hard with the Hill Center

Ann Bailey

The Hill Center at KIPP Durham works with students who need a little extra help learning to read. Four times a week, students meet with a tutor in small groups to practice reading skills. With hard work, these students progress every day!

All Heart, No Walls: This is Birdie Rodriguez

Brooke Porter

Fifth grade Social Justice teacher Birdie Rodriguez fosters personal and academic growth and confidence in her black and brown students. In Birdie's classroom, controversy is confronted, forgotten perspectives are illuminated, and stereotypes are shattered.

Picturing Penn

Cameron Beach

From sassy to shy and bookish to boisterous, there isn't a single story in Penn classroom that is the same but from this diversity comes incredible strength.

Anders Campbell

Keyin Lu

Meet Anders Campbell, KIPP's founding principal. Giving encouraging high fives and warm hugs, he is the lovable school leader who works tirelessly to make KIPP a place where every child can succeed.

Malachi and the Pride

Lily Koning

Meet Malachi, a member of the Pride of 2024 at KIPP: Durham. Malachi believes that the pride makes each other stronger, which is apparent as Malachi grows into a smart, curious, and kind young woman whose radiant joy strengthens those around her.

The KIPP Difference

Seun Okimi

KIPP works to impact the lives of many students like Nahjay. They positively direct students in the right direction, all with the effort to lead them towards a brighter future.